Speak for Yourself

Social media. Where 20 years ago, it was a few people using the internet to talk to each other; 5 years ago, it became what the internet was all about. Where 3 years ago, social media projects were still struggling for a small share of the marketing budget – it now is where most of the budget goes, with not even the hint of an argument.

How did we go from actual people talking to each other on whatever platform, to social media becoming the domain of the old PR/marketing guard? I don’t know. But it happened, and now that there is big marketing dollar to be had, there are 1. digital agencies springing up everywhere, with 2. the same people who used to pay the old ad men now paying them.

I am not part of a digital agency. I don’t want to ‘run your twitter account’. I’m just one of these people who were around at every step of the social media development, I have used it and trained people to use it to talk about what they do to the people they do it for, before treating it like part of PR/marketing and outsourcing it, or hiring a whole team to take care of it, became the standard. (and do I need mention which of the 3 was most effective?)

Social Media is not PR/marketing. Yes, there are digital agencies that have done great work. Most of them make a lot of impressive noise and don’t actually have a lot of substance to show for. Speak for Yourself exists to help you really develop your own understanding of what social media is, so you can use your marketing buck wisely.

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